by Shauniece Armstead



Vastly different worlds of two women collide unexpectedly. They are faced with the harsh reality of the nature of their respective intersectionality of race and religion. 



Two strangers cross paths on a Chicago train car but this encounter seems a bit familiar, like Déjà vu. They had, in fact, met 10 years earlier. Cree, a young aspiring lyricist and musician only has her focus set on one thing: to become one of the best female songwriters around. She’s therefore awestruck when her all too familiar mundane routine unexpectedly collides with one of the most beautiful women she has ever seen. A mysterious young woman named Nasreen. Nasreen is anything but typical: Born in Iran she was raised under extremely different circumstances than Cree’s Baptist family beliefs. Although from different worlds these two women are instantly attracted to each other. Cree and Nasreen soon form the most unique friendship that blossoms into a forbidden romance. Eventually their worlds take a different turn. 



Target Audience: 18-99

Setting: Chicago 2009 and present day 

Themes: LGBT, intersectionality of race and religion, coming of age, cautionary tale of love, forgiveness, pursuing a taboo lifestyle, following your bliss, the pursuit of happiness, redemption; enduring tragedy yet finding peace, emotional and psychological health. 

Unveil is a beautiful gritty, unapologetic look into two women's journey from adolescence to adulthood. It backtracks how they deal with tragedy, loss, and love until one fateful day, they see eachother again, present with a surreal second chance - a “do over” - to re-emerge into one key moment – and change what they might have handled differently. Our non-linear approach to this high concept promises great cinematic potential.


Writer/Executive Producer:

Shauniece Armstead



Chan C. Smith



Ethnicity: African American 

Cree, African American Musician and Lyricist extraordinaire, reserved and quiet, early 30's. Urban style with a signature fedora hat.


Ethnicity: Middle Eastern, Ambiguous

Nasreen, a Middle Eastern former artist from Iran, early 30’s. Dressed in a long coat/tunic with a (Hijab) scarf covering her head. Traditional clothing with a touch of modern chic street fashion. Comes from a traditional Muslim family.


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